Abstinence 101
by Leslee Unruh

If you are an educator or just anyone who wants to “learn the ropes” of abstinence education; then Abstinence 101 is the book for you. It is fully updated on all the latest studies to help you fight the war against comprehensive sex education. Abstinence 101 is an educational two edged sword that will provide the knowledge you need to slice through comprehensive sex education and prevail in the Abstinence movement! Available in both English & Spanish.

Learn how to respond to arguments against abstinence-until-marriage education. Understand the philosophy of abstinence education versus that of comprehensive sex ed. Get practical advice on working with school boards to develop abstinence-until-marriage education policies. Plus more!


Laughter is the Best Medicine
by Dr. Allen Unruh

“When a person is born, they come out of a nice warm environment, buck naked, covered with goo. The first thing a doctor does is slap you. Then they take you in another room and spray silver nitrate in your eyes because they assume your mother had gonorrhea. They give you man-made sugar water instead of breast milk and you owe the government $6800 right off the bat. No wonder we start out in life kicking and screaming. We have to eventually learn to laugh.”


Building a Better You
by Dr. Nathan Unruh

Dr. Unruh is a true healer with a big heart a purposeful spirit.  His Wellness Laws will absolutely help you to build your best you!
– Dr. Eric Plasker, Best Selling Author of
  The 100 Year Lifestyle and The 100 Year Lifestyle Workout

Dr. Unruh is a true pioneer in the wellness industry.  Not only walking the walk and talking the talk he exudes health and well-being.  You can’t help but want what he has.  His quest for cutting edge knowledge and techniques sets him leaps and bounds from his counterparts.  Anyone becoming a client of his should consider themselves blessed.  This book is just the tip of the iceberg of what Dr. Unruh has to offer the world.  Read it and spread the word.
– Doug Caporrino, President, Results thru Research

Dr. Nathan Unruh is one of the most dynamic people I have ever had the chance to meet.  If you want to help someone learn about success, set their goals and or improve their life… it would be helpful to learn from him as a role model and a mentor.
– Dr. Brad Feldner, Pure Chiropractic

For the first time the principles of wellness promotion are brought together in one easy-to-use volume.  Building a Better You methodically addresses what it means to be healthy in mind, body and spirit and how the three are inextricably intertwined.  Guided by his long experience as a wellness expert, Dr. Unruh brings us a training tool perfect for patients, wellness professionals and educators, employers and counselors.  The processes outlined in this book equip readers to draw on their own abilities and resources to make lasting changes for better health.
– Dr. Mark Sanna, President Breakthrough Coaching

Dr. Nathan Unruh is a true professional.  He has mastered the fine art of being able to bring the best professionals from all walks of life together to empower people to live at their highest potential.  This is an extraordinary piece of work by an extraordinary doctor.
– Dr. Walter Carlson, Orthopedic Institute


The Life Diet
by Dr. Chace Unruh

If you want to change your eating habits, you go on a diet, right? But what do you do if you want to change your life habits? In The Life Diet, Dr. Chace Unruh prescribes a whole person approach for achieving total wellness in four areas of your life: family, work, social and spiritual.

In The Life Diet, readers will learn how to achieve wellness with measurable results in areas including: diet, nutrition, exercise, vitality, family, relationships, their financial life and more. Dr. Chace Unruh inspires and engages with an action able plan for leading a life of purpose.

1st Clean Sex Quote and Joke Book

The 1st Clean Sex “Quote” and Joke Book
by Dr. Allen Unruh

Since 1970, Dr. Allen Unruh, a chiropractic physician, has been writing and collecting one-liner jokes and quotes. He has been a keen observer of the social scene. This hobby has helped him understand how to use humor to dispel tension and brighten up the day of everyone he meets. He went to Comedian Camp MinneHAHA. Then he went on to develop his wit, but attended only half the classes. A half-wit is still better than a dimwit or a nitwit. He believes that even the wisest of men relish in a little nonsense. One-liners and quotations help us get a perspective on life. Often the right one-liner can share a simple but profound truth. When it comes to life’s most important lessons, we can all use gentle reminders.

How to Overcome Adversity How to Overcome Adversity
by Dr. Allen Unruh

If the Government Doesn't Get Off Our Backs..

If the Government Doesn’t Get Off Our Backs, The Whole Country will Need a Chiropractor
by Dr. Allen Unruh

This book is dedicated to political leaders who have been given a blank credit card by taxpayers of America. We have entrusted them with the ability to spend OUR MONEY wisely on the true purpose of the Government.

“Born Free and Taxed to Death”

It used to be: “Give me liberty or give me death.”
Now it’s just “Give me.”

The hardest thing to understand is the income tax.” – Albert Einstein

My Favorite QuotesMy Favorite Quotes
by Dr. Allen Unruh

My Favorite Quotes IIMy Favorite Quotes II
by Dr. Allen Unruh

So You Think Your Job's BadSo You Think YOUR Job’s Bad?
by Dr. Allen Unruh

Dr. Allen Unruh was born in a one room shack, in a one horse town. He went to a one-room school house. He read the book, “The Power of One” and started studying one liners. That’s because he can’t remember two. His favorite speech is entitled “What you, one persona can do.” The journey of a thousand miles starts out with one step. You eat an elephant one bite at a time. He believes one man and truth constitutes an army, and one man and God constitutes a majority. One person with the courage of their convictions can change the tide of history and later the destiny of mankind. However, even the wisest of men relish in a little nonsense. It takes nine laughs a day just to keep your sanity and with inflation it’s now up to fourteen. A merry heart doeth good like medicine but a broken spirit drieth up the bones. We need more taffy and less epitaphy in our lives. He learned many of these jokes at comedian camp, camp MinneHAHA. This book is dedicated to our five children who always knew when we had company because mom would laugh at dad’s jokes. He believes even a forced smile is better than a sincere grouch. Even a grouch doesn’t like to live with a grouch. Too many people light up the room whenever they leave. Even the frog said, “Time is sure fund when you’re having flies.” Sit back with your cup of green tea which is full of anti-oxidants and enjoy a few one liners each day to put your work in perspective.
Dr. Unruh is a Chiropractor. Chiropractors work their fingers to the bone and live on back pay. Dr. Unruh’s previous book, “Father Power” shares his own perspective of the importance  of fatherhood.